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Hello, my name is Jason Schutt

I am a web designer and Internet marketing specialist. I started building websites for fun back in 2006. This passion grew out of the not wanting to use templates for a drop shipping company owned by my sister. I taught myself the basics of HTML and CSS when every website was using a table based layout.

I went to Clark College in Vancouver, WA to learn how to break my bad habits with markup and design. There, I learned the glory of Photoshop. Image creation and manipulation became some of my favorite things to do with a computer. I realized quickly that this was an essential skill for web development. Image size is a key factor in page load speed. That is a huge ranking factor with search engines.

I eventually went to Full Sail University in Winter Park FL for Internet Marketing. I will currently finish my Master’s in Internet Marketing on May 4th, 2018. Yes, I become a Master on Star Wars Day.

I hear a bunch of people say that SEO is internet marketing. Businesses want SEO so they can get clients. SEO is only one part of Internet Marketing. People neglect to remember that Social media, email, PPC, and keyword research are all components of the bigger picture. I do recommend that you start with the one your best at and run with it until it works for you. Then work them in one at a time.

Keyword research is the most important element in all of these. Why? I will tell you.

A client wanted to spend $1000s to rank for the keyword Painter. The client was a self-professed artist level exterior house painter who used multi-million dollar homes as his canvas. Trying to rank for Painter is a bad idea. Stats show that he would get 42% of the clicks for being the top spot. How many of those are looking for house painters? They could be looking for artists and car painters. Let’s be optimistic and say that a third are looking for someone to paint their home for 14%.

How many are looking for the outside of the home to be painted? Again, optimism will rule and half of those clicks will be for 7%. But this client wants multi-million dollar homes to paint. It would not be out of the realm of possibilities for a third of these clicks to fit that criteria. So only 2.33% of the clicks are qualified leads. When you factor in your real conversion rate for all of this traffic, you are effectively spending $1000s to be ranked on the second page of Google.

We work with you to be aware of this type of spending on nonsense.

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